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Beyond the Universe - The Bill Pearl Story

This book is now 'Out of print' in paperback format, but avaialble in digital format.

This book goes far beyond the usual bodybuilding autobiography. Illustrated with hundreds of never before published pictures, this book will be a favorite reader for bodybuilders old and new throughout the world. Pearl's writing is engaging, humorous and honest without embellishment.

Not one for holding back, Bill's frank and sometimes raw comments are extremely moving and his revelations of what goes on behind the scenes of championship bodybuilding will not only surprise but also amuse readers of this splendid narrative.

His down to earth candid comments on some of the stars of bodybuilding are both interesting and informative and most definitely capture the true personalities of people such as Eugen Sandow, John Grimek, Harold Zinkin, Leo Stern, Clancy Ross, Reg Park, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney and Sri Chinmoy.

Bill's account of his brief stint in the movies and his relationship with the 'one and only' Arthur Jones, helps make this book delightfully different. His adventures in many parts of the world make very interesting reading. From being a guest of Mr. J. Paul Getty (at the time the world's richest man) at his mansion in Surrey, England, to giving exhibitions throughout India, Bill has tasted life from (and between) both extremes; some of his comments may startle the reader.

In an age where the word 'Superstar' is tossed around lightly, in the world of bodybuilding there are just a handful of people who deserve this title---Bill Pearl is most definitely one of them. He reveals many of the secrets used in his vast career of weight training which enabled him to win the Mr. Universe title four times and reign as 'King of the Bodybuilders' for nineteen years. This autobiographical sketch of the 'real' Bill Pearl will give you an insight into the man who has trained more top physique stars than anyone in the sport. His students have won a total of ten Mr. America crowns, fourteen Mr. Universe titles and one Mr. Olympia victory.

Bob Kennedy, publisher of Musclemag International recently stated, 'Bills autobiography is a delightful mish-mash of photos and text. But, I read your book from cover to cover. I just couldn't stop. I loved it! The good thing about the book is that it is written from the heart, truthful, and fearless. I recommend it highly to anyone who has ever touch a barbell or dumbbell.'

Legends of the Iron Game

Perfect Bound Edition sets in Slipcase

After 8 years of work, Bill has completed his latest project, Legends of the Iron Game. What started out as a book project has evolved into 3 volumes, with over 1,000 pages and more than 980 photographs.

Legends of the Iron Game

Volume One - Perfect Bound Edition

A fascinating look at the world of strength training, from its roots in ancient times, to the movers and shakers of the physical culture world up to the 1950s. Teeming with photographs and illustrations, it's all here: strongmen and women of vaudeville; Sandow, bodybuilding's first superstar; Charles Atlas who introduced more beginners to bodybuilding than anyone before him; 'Milo' Steinborn; the great John Grimek; Jack and Elaine LaLanne whose physical fitness television show was shown in all corners of the world; and dozens of others many of whom became household names. Some of their lives read like works of fiction and will hold the reader spellbound.

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Legends of the Iron Game

Volume Two - Perfect Bound Edition

Vintage coverage of the golden age of the iron game with chapters on the lives of the star bodybuilders, lifters and entrepreneurs of that era. These biographies take a compelling look at the champions whose names will live forever in the iron game: Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Vince Gironda, Jack Delinger, Clarence Ross, Bill Pearl, Tommy Kono, Paul Anderson, Doug Hepburn, Larry Scott, Pat Casey, Sergio Oliva, etc., etc. Profusely illustrated with wonderful photographs, many of which have rarely been seen will delight all who read these books.

Legends of the Iron Game

Volume Three - Perfect Bound Edition

Showcasing the leading male and female bodybuilders from the 1970s and on, and packed with hundreds of terrific photographs, this volume also chronicles the history of the world's most illustrious bodybuilding contests; the top photographers; writers; and historians. Read about the rise and fall of early Muscle Beach, the Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen, and the Oscar Heidenstam Foundation. Take a stroll through the York Barbell Hall of fame, and the Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports at the University of Texas-Austin. World renowned writer, David P. Webster, O.B. E. has provided a colorful chapter on the history of the Scottish Highland Games.

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