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A Health and Fitness Success Story - A Health and Fitness Success Story - Wally Emery suffered a heart attack at age 66. He vowed to get back into shape and was able to drop his body fat from 21.5 percent to 10.6 percent, and lost 18 pounds. He won the title of Body-for-Life, Inspirational Grand Champion of 2002. Wally is a true health and fitness success story his diet and exercise plan can be found on his website.
American Bodybuilding American Bodybuilding Official home of bodybuilding in America. Site contains lots of bodybuilding information, training tips, supplement reviews, and steroid information. A great place for bodybuilders to exchange information and find out what's new in the world of bodybuilding.
Clarence Bass: Bodybuilding & Fitness Home Page Clarence Bass: Bodybuilding & Fitness Home Page Long-time Muscle & Fitness columnist Clarence Bass, a lawyer and bodybuilding champion, has been called "the most articulate and well-read spokesman in America for an all-round fitness lifestyle." Author of seven books, he believes in combining weights, aerobics and sound nutrition to achieve total fitness and permanent fat loss.
Crain Crain's Muscle World Supplying the needs of powerlifters, weight lifters, and strength athletes around the world for 25 years
Dave Draper Dave Draper - Mr. Universe's guide to bodybuilding. Features training and nutrition information, photos old and new, online Q&A with Dave, Bomber Talk and much more.
David Gentle is an internationally recognized Author and Historian of Physical Culture. For several decades, he has been a regular contributor for over 25 of the world's top muscle magazines. David is a prolific writer, with over 2,000 articles published in the World muscle press on all subjects relating to physical culture.
Dutch Bodybuilding Forums Dutch Bodybuilding Forums Alles over fitness, bodybuilding, supplementen, dieet, afvallen en veel meer!
East Coast Muscle by Lou Messina East Coast Muscle is an Internet magazine focusing on bodybuilding competitions, competitive bodybuilders, and bodybuilding gyms in the eastern U.S.A.
Edward Bednar III Edward Bednar III The diet and training techniques of natural bodybuilder Ed Bednar III, rising young contender and trainer, currently focusing on Pennsylvania. Site includes resume, photos, training advice, a contest preparation section, extensive exercise regimen, a diet page and photos.
Frank Zane Official Website Frank Zane, M.A. 3 times Mr. Olympia describes his Buildling the Body Newsletter, Books, San Diego Zane Experience and other goods and services.
House of Payne Powerlifting and Strength Sports Powerlifting,Bodybuilding and Strongman information. Pictures, Articles and Interviews.
Larry Scott & Associates Larry Scott & Associates Larry Scott, the first to hold all 3 titles: Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe and Mr. America, brings you the finest weight lifting and fitness products in the world.
Leo Robert Mr. Universe Official Website for Leo Robert, Former Mr. Universe. Leo hosts this natural bodybuilding site & provides advice on strength training, offers personalized programs and workout and nutrition tips. Check out the great Photo Gallery.
Master Trainer Lifetime Bodybuilding and Master Athletes
MostMuscular.Com NPC Bodybuilding focusing on national-level events; contest results, extensive photo coverage and competitor profiles
Natural Bodybuilding Natural Muscle . CA Bodybuilding the natural way. Information on supplements, vitamins, and exercises.
Natural Champion Our mission at Natural Champion is to promote physical excellence without the use of harmful and illegal performance enhancing drugs. Each month we’ll provide information – and, hopefully, inspiration - to help you attain the very highest standards of peak physical performance and vibrant, life-long health.
Shelter Publications Shelter Publications In 1979 Shelter Publications started publishing books on fitness. Shelter Publications found that their highly-graphic approach to do-it-yourself fitness books clicked with the public, and much of their work since then has been in the health and fitness field.
SportStrength SportStrength “Dr. Squat” Frederick C. Hatfield, Ph.D., MSS - World Champion Powerlifter. The mission of SPORTSTRENGTH™ is to manufacture and market strength training equipment that is designed specifically for athletes' needs.
SteelFitness.Com SteelFitness.Com is dedicated to promoting health and fitness to a worldwide audience. We firmly believe that a healthy body is a result of proper weight training, sensible nutrition, and a drug-free lifestyle.
Stretching Inc. Stretching Inc. Stretching Inc. has developed a series of books, videotapes and products related to stretching and fitness. Most recently they teamed up with bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl and exercise physiologist Ed Burke to produce a new book -- their first since Stretching -- called Getting in Shape.
The Incredible Lou Ferrigno Lou Ferrigno's Websiie
The Truly Huge Page The Truly Huge Page This page is devoted to drug-free trainees (with or without good genetics for bodybuilding or weightlifting), and is intended to help them reach their ultimate size and strength potential.
Training with Dr. Fred Hatfield - Dr. Squat Training with Dr. Fred Hatfield - Dr. Squat
Weightlifter's Warehouse Suppliers of strength and fitness products
WeightsNet WeightsNet WeightsNet is a resource for people who workout with weights for bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, sports, and more.
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