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20 Months to a Champion Physique

The 20 Months to a Champions Physique programs are now available!

Bill Pearl grants individuals the right to print and use these programs for their own personal use. Please remember that all content and graphics are copyrighted by Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc. and cannot be reproduced in any form other then outlined in the previous sentence.

Medical Warning and Disclaimer: Please get a physical before starting any of the programs at, especially if you are overweight, have not exercised for a while, have had any health problems or if there is any history of health problems. We also recommend that you then visit your doctor on a regular basis while training and report any problems to your doctor.

Should any exercises in these routines be uncomfortable or dangerous to do because of some sort of physical impairment you have, please substitute another exercise for the same body part which will not aggravate the condition. There is a tremendous variety of exercises available for any body part, as you know if you have seen or read my book, Keys to the Inner Universe, so there’s absolutely no reason to be doing some particular exercise that aggravates a back problem, a weak knee or whatever condition you may have simply because you see it in a workout routine somebody put together.

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc. and/or any associates are not prescribing any kind of treatments with these programs.