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Bill Pearl’s “Pro Series Exercise Posters” set consists of 9 Full Color Posters, each featuring 41 Exercises for a Specific Muscle Group.

  • Biceps by Bill Pearl
  • Midsection by Bill Pearl
  • Chest by Bill Pearl
  • Upper Back by Bill Pearl
  • Lower Back by Bill Pearl
  • Upper Legs by Bill Pearl
  • Triceps by Bill Pearl
  • Shoulders by Bill Pearl
  • Calf-Forearm-Neck by Bill Pearl

Each poster, designed by 4-Time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl, is laminated with 3-mil vinyl and includes eyelets for hanging. Measuring 36 3/4″ wide by 23 3/4″ high these posters are durable and perfect for home, recreation rooms, schools and gyms.

  • 41 Exercises per Poster for a Specific Muscle Group
  • Name of Each Exercise
  • Name of the Muscle Group(s) Trained
  • Degree of Difficulty Symbol
  • Beginning and Ending Movement Illustrations
  • Additional Exercise Options

Your Total Guide to Strength and Conditioning

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